Rare fully restored 1952 Bakelite radio

Rare, fully restored, 1952 Bakelite radio – with wooden stand – in good working order.

Check out these three short videos. For more information please contact me.

ULTIMATE 4 valve Bakelite Radio MODEL RPB.

Made in New Zealand in 1952.  Rare and in  working order.

This is a simple valve radio, but unusual in that it is designed as a mantle radio or the feet can be removed it can be hung on the wall with the attached strings. It also has some unusual  valves and coils.

The radio has been checked  by a radio mechanic. The Bakelite plug has been replaced with a similar one and the original saved. Other repairs carried out:

  • Fitted three new electrolytic capacitors and four new poly capacitors.
  • New insulating material has been used in a couple of places.
  • Re glued a piece of Bakelite broken away from a screw hole.
  • Two new grommets for the hanging string.
  • A new screw for one of the feet.

My  radio mechanic used a current limiter in circuit for the initial switch on on such radios and this case there was an obvious high voltage leakage, which turned out to be some broken down insulation board on a solder tag slip -arcing high voltage to earth. Components were un-soldered and a new tag strip fitted, all now okay. There is no cover on the dial and I do not think it ever had one? There is a small crack in the Bakelite, which you can no longer see. It is an interesting radio now much safer and performs well with an aerial attached.

Height 25 cm .
Depth 8 cm – with feet 18 cm.
Width 25 cm .

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