French Polishing ~ Furniture restoration Anglesea Community House

Class Saturday 2nd May and Sunday 3rd May 2015. For more details please contact Ann Wingad Education Programmer Anglesea Community House Inc. 03 5263 2116 or 0438 271 713

What should I bring?

Your List Of Materials

Two small pieces of furniture – drawers, chairs, cupboards doors, wine or hall table. They can be old or new as I have a lot of students who bring new articles of furniture which they wish to finish. Carvings and old picture frames are a great project to bring as well. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate to email or ring me on 03 52315738.

ONE piece of timber (must be machined) – approx. 30cm long x 20cm wide x 2cm thick. Blackwood, cedar, oak or pine.
This will be used as a sample. You can pre sand your sample if you like.

ONE Tin paint stripper
ONE Bottle of Metho.
ONE Bottle of Turps.
ONE Bottle of French Polish. Best brand obtainable from me at discount price*
ONE Polishing cloth (Cheese cloth)*
THREE 2.5cm to 3cm good quality brushes (NOT nylon)*

ONE sheet of sand paper 180 grit (0 grade)*
ONE sheet of sand paper 220 grit (00 grade)*
ONE sheet of wet and dry paper 600 grit*
ONE scraper (type with single edge blade in it)*
ONE steel wool 00 grade*
ONE cork block for holding sand paper*
FOUR pieces of worn cotton sheeting (like lawn) approx 30cm X 30cm or old worn hankies
ONE piece of worn cotton flannelette, for waxing – ½ an old bedsheet
ONE squat jar, with air tight lid to hold rubber in
THREE jars to clean brushes in
ONE two litre ice cream container or other container (empty)
Newspaper and plenty of old rags
* Can be purchased from the tutor on the day of class

It is a very good idea to take a photo of the furniture you are going to work on, so you will have a before and after – then you can brag! If you have any spare photos I would appreciate adding them to my collection. Thank you.

5 McMillan St Anglesea VIC 3230, Australia

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